30 SPF isn’t enough.

Last week was a very busy week for me in the office. On Tuesday, I was a PA (production assistant) on a shoot for Mother’s Milk Bank of Austin. We were filming a web spot to help raise awareness about this nonprofit organization. I basically did whatever I had to do to help people out. Myself and the other intern directed sidewalk traffic and ran for errands. Since the shoot was outside, I was also in charge of hair and make up. I really didn’t do much in this position other than make sure the talent didn’t look too sweaty. The day was really, really long, but it was great being on a professional shoot, although it was still small. 

On Wednesday, I was to find a location for the next Dell shoot. The location is suppose to be in a dorm room and I was given several private dorms to contact. Before doing this research, I didn’t even know private dorms existed! I guess they have to with ginormous schools like UT and Texas A&M around. Anyway, none of the ones that I contacted got back to me, but I found another and after some scouting, the client loved it! We should be filming this commercial in about two weeks.

On Thursday, I went on another shoot. This shoot was for a company called Razorfish and we were in charge of filming an interview set up for them. This was very familiar for me since this is a lot of what we do in the DMS back at Juniata. I was able to help set up the equipment and be an extra hand when I was needed. I don’t believe many producing interns know a lot about the equipment side of things since the director of photography (DP) and the assistant camera (AC) seemed surprised when I knew what I was doing. 

I was asked to then come in on Monday (today) to help prep for the Dell commercial that I was working on last week. I have been putting together call sheets and finishing the production book so everyone knows what is going on tomorrow and Wednesday. I am so happy I am learning more about these things because they will keep me more organized in the future when I work on projects. I will be out in the field working on the Dell commercial for the next two days. 

Other than my internship, I have been playing a lot of tennis with the family that I am staying with and I went to Rockport beach on Saturday with a friend. I had a lot of fun, but I have learned quickly that this sun is nothing like PA’s sun and extra, EXTRA sunscreen is an absolute must. But to all my friends back at home who think I am extremely pale…I am finally tan! 🙂 Also, this small town girl is getting the hang of parking in a city, but not without a few calls to my dad making sure what I did was okay. THANKS DAD!

Before I came down here, I had doubts that traveling down to Texas was the right decision to make, but I realize more and more everyday that I made the right decision.

Here are some pictures from the past week. The first is from the Mother’s Milk bank shoot, the beach, Mrs. Scholl’s birthday dinner (please excuse how gross and sweaty I look, I just came back from the MMB shoot), a selfie with me and Princess Lola, a pier at Rockport, then before and after pictures from me and Gabriele’s insane seafood dinner. It was quite the workout.



3 thoughts on “30 SPF isn’t enough.

  1. Hmm…let’s try this comment again (the Web ate my first one….) I’m glad you are having a good time!

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