One Week Down!

This past week was the first week at my internship at Arts + Labor. On Tuesday, I met some really awesome people who work in all different departments of the company. I met everyone from motion graphic editors to the CEO. Crazy! The next day, I was assigned a research project which required me to find everything I could about a particular marketing company, their brands, and what outreach each brand had. After I found all of that, I had to find out if any of the brands had a web series and, if so, what about. This project took all day to do. I was staring at my computer screen for about seven hours finding everything I could. The next day the client already responded and was impressed with the thoroughness of the work. I’m so happy they were pleased!

Besides doing research, I have been helping the executive producer of the company prepare for a shoot for tomorrow. It’s about a minute commercial that we are shooting, but it will take all day. I have helped her gather equipment and necessities that we will be needing. I have been able to learn a lot about what the producer is required to bring to these particular types of shoots. It was also really helpful that I could apply previous knowledge I had about this from what I have already learned. It will be interesting to see how this shoot goes off tomorrow! My role in it is a Production Assistant. 

I’ve also been putting together a production book for a commercial for Dell that is coming up soon. How cool is that!? I have never put together a production book before, but it basically the bible of a shoot. It has everything you could possibly need to know about a particular project in case anything were to happen on the shoot. I have been learning so much and I am so excited to keep learning everything I can!

On a side note, this weekend I went horseback riding!!! The Scholl’s, the people that I am staying with, showed me how to saddle and ride a horse. Although I am still a beginner, it was still a lot of fun and they said I did really well! Here is a picture of me and Strait.Image


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