Last Day.

Today is my last day as an intern at Arts + Labor. It is bitter sweet because I miss my family and I am excited to see them, but I feel like I am leaving so much behind here. Although I’ve only been here for 6 weeks, Austin has shown me that there is so much more to the world than what I’m use to. Not only in the work world sense, but also just in general. Anyway, to insure I don’t make this a sappy post, let’s talk about what I’ve been up to!

Friday of last week, I went on a shoot and I was the PA again. The house we were shooting in was GORGEOUS. I don’t know if I could live in that house personally, but there was definitely a very uniqueness about it. After we left the house, we went down town to a company who had the penthouse office on the 26th floor. I have never seen an office that looked like that before. It was a really long day, but it was a lot of fun.

After the long week of work, Dr. and Mrs. Scholl took me to a play out in Zilker park. It was a totally volunteer performance and it was free other than some for parking. The musical was Oklahoma! and it was actually really good. You could tell that these people are really passionate about what they do and they are happy to get involved whenever.

This past weekend we went out to the ranch again for the last time. Nathan Wagoner and his wife, Gabriele, and stepson, Hunter, came out to join us. We went horse back riding and it was a lot of fun. I’ll miss how peaceful the ranch is. I could sit out on the porch for hours and just watch the horses graze in front of me. I know I will be back there someday.

On Sunday, the Juniata Alum who works at Arts + Labor, Wylie, invited me for a house warming get together. It turned out to be a huge Juniata reunion and I was able to meet a bunch of people who graduated before me or had some type of connection to JC. It was really nice to talk to people who know about Juniata and to share stories.

This week at work has been both slow and productive. I am helping Stephanie and Scott do some paperwork, but all of the projects that I have worked on this past summer are now in post production so it is almost the perfect time for me to head home. Almost.

Last night I said goodbye to Nathan and Gabriele, and some other friends that I have made here in Austin, and tonight will be more goodbyes while I do a ton of laundry before I pack.

Coming to Austin was the best decision I could have made. I know that I will be back here some day.

Keep Austin weird.



Down to the wire!

Yesterday in the office I reminded the producers that next week is my last week. “Megan you can’t leave us!” I know, I know, but I have to for now. But the thought of leaving hasn’t kept me from being motivated!

Last week, I was a production assistant for another Dell commercial. Again, I was whatever someone wanted me to be. If I needed to get the coffee, it was there. If I needed to help with the jib, I was keeping it still. Overall it was a fun shoot and I felt a little special because we were using the location that I found on my own for it. 

This week I am on a search for the perfect conference room that we can film our Dell commercial in on Friday. Yes, Friday. We have been looking for a conference room for weeks and all of our prospects have fallen through. So, no pressure or anything. This process is a lot of “hurry up and waiting.” I contact about 5 companies and wait for 2 or 3 to reply. I’m kind of use to this, because I use to find space to film in on Juniata campus, but Juniata is a lot different than the entire city of Austin.

Other than that, we are getting ready for the shoot on Friday which will be another long, but fulfilling day. Although I love the place I work in, it’s always fun to get out of the office for a few hours.

I have been busy outside of my internship too. Last week I made a few friends who I have been hanging out with recently. On my day off, we went to Barton Springs and to South Congress. The Springs is a natural creek/river, which they dammed to make it more of a swimming pool. I really liked it, but the water doesn’t get any warmer than 68 degrees…ever and I have a personal rule of having the water be at least 80 degrees before I can think about getting in. South Congress, SoCo is what the Austinites call it, is this popular street with different shops and restaurants. There is a staple pizza place on this street that I tried….and although it was good, OIP or other local pizza places up north are way better. PA may not have breakfast tacos, but at least we have great pizza! 

The next day a friend took me to town lake and we went paddle boarding. This is when you stand on a surf board type thing and you paddle around. We paddled down a good bit of the lake and then realized we were super hungry, so we had to paddle the whole way back. #thestruggle

After paddle boarding, we went to this local tex mex restaurant, Chuy’s. To be honest, I’m super sick of tex mex, but this place was great! And the atmosphere was cool too. Although we were so full, we had to go get ice cream, OBVIOUSLY. There is this ice cream place that is pretty well known down here called Amy’s and we got this awesome flavor called the Hill topper. Mexican vanilla, Reseses, cookie dough, and then covered in fudge. So good. So good.

On Monday, I met up with Nathan Wagoner and his step son and we went down to San Antonio for the day. It was a neat city, but the Alamo isn’t what I pictured it to be. It was in the middle of the town when I expected it to be in some field somewhere. We also went to the river walk and this famous tex mex place (see why I’m tired of tex mex yet?) called La Tierra it was very unique looking and had great food. 

So here I am, waiting to hear back from people. Stay tuned for my final installments to my Austin Adventures Saga!

I have attached some random pictures and videos from my past week. Also! Here is the link to a project I worked on 🙂


Halfway Point!

I normally try to post every Monday, but I have been so busy this past week that I had to keep you patiently waiting until I posted again. 

Last week was a very busy week at the office. As you know, I was in on Monday doing prep for the shoot during the week. On Tuesday, I was a PA (production assistant) for a Dell commercial. My duties consisted of being whatever the rest of the crew needed me to be. If I needed to help with equipment, I did. If I needed to help the Art Director, I did. And if I needed to order lunch for everyone, I did. Although many people might see these as intern type of work, I don’t. The producer has to be organized, know what is going on, and make sure everything is going smoothly on a shoot, and I helped do that.

The next day, we had another shoot for Dell. Although the space was small, it was the perfect location. I needed to make sure that I was available when I was needed, and out of the way when I wasn’t. The last thing that you want to be on a shoot is in the way of anyone, especially the director. The day was long, but we came away with some really great stuff. 

On Thursday, I went into the office and returned a few items that we didn’t use as wardrobe, and then we had a 4th of July office party! It was nice to kick back and really talk to different people at the company that I haven’t met before. 

After that long week, the Scholl’s took me to their friend’s coast house for the weekend. I had an amazing time and met some great people. The boys went out deep sea fishing, and although I was invited, I decided to pass since I didn’t want to get sea sick and then be stuck out in the middle of the ocean. Not my definition of a good time. Later that night we took the boat out to watch the fireworks. It was a really great show, but when we were driving  back the boat got stuck in the mud so we all had to get out and push it. Good thing the water was only ankle deep. 🙂

I also had my first experience bay fishing. Although I didn’t actually fish because I didn’t have a license, this type of fishing is way different than what I am use to back up in PA.

That was all last week, so hold your breath…there’s more!

On Monday, the executive producer at Arts + Labor bought me and the other intern a movie ticket to see Hellion. Hellion is the movie that A+L was involved in and it has received a lot of recognition at Sundance this year. I HIGHLY recommend everyone to see it. It is nothing like you have ever seen before and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I’m also prepping for another Dell shoot on Thursday and another for next week, so I’m staying busy! 

30 SPF isn’t enough.

Last week was a very busy week for me in the office. On Tuesday, I was a PA (production assistant) on a shoot for Mother’s Milk Bank of Austin. We were filming a web spot to help raise awareness about this nonprofit organization. I basically did whatever I had to do to help people out. Myself and the other intern directed sidewalk traffic and ran for errands. Since the shoot was outside, I was also in charge of hair and make up. I really didn’t do much in this position other than make sure the talent didn’t look too sweaty. The day was really, really long, but it was great being on a professional shoot, although it was still small. 

On Wednesday, I was to find a location for the next Dell shoot. The location is suppose to be in a dorm room and I was given several private dorms to contact. Before doing this research, I didn’t even know private dorms existed! I guess they have to with ginormous schools like UT and Texas A&M around. Anyway, none of the ones that I contacted got back to me, but I found another and after some scouting, the client loved it! We should be filming this commercial in about two weeks.

On Thursday, I went on another shoot. This shoot was for a company called Razorfish and we were in charge of filming an interview set up for them. This was very familiar for me since this is a lot of what we do in the DMS back at Juniata. I was able to help set up the equipment and be an extra hand when I was needed. I don’t believe many producing interns know a lot about the equipment side of things since the director of photography (DP) and the assistant camera (AC) seemed surprised when I knew what I was doing. 

I was asked to then come in on Monday (today) to help prep for the Dell commercial that I was working on last week. I have been putting together call sheets and finishing the production book so everyone knows what is going on tomorrow and Wednesday. I am so happy I am learning more about these things because they will keep me more organized in the future when I work on projects. I will be out in the field working on the Dell commercial for the next two days. 

Other than my internship, I have been playing a lot of tennis with the family that I am staying with and I went to Rockport beach on Saturday with a friend. I had a lot of fun, but I have learned quickly that this sun is nothing like PA’s sun and extra, EXTRA sunscreen is an absolute must. But to all my friends back at home who think I am extremely pale…I am finally tan! 🙂 Also, this small town girl is getting the hang of parking in a city, but not without a few calls to my dad making sure what I did was okay. THANKS DAD!

Before I came down here, I had doubts that traveling down to Texas was the right decision to make, but I realize more and more everyday that I made the right decision.

Here are some pictures from the past week. The first is from the Mother’s Milk bank shoot, the beach, Mrs. Scholl’s birthday dinner (please excuse how gross and sweaty I look, I just came back from the MMB shoot), a selfie with me and Princess Lola, a pier at Rockport, then before and after pictures from me and Gabriele’s insane seafood dinner. It was quite the workout.


One Week Down!

This past week was the first week at my internship at Arts + Labor. On Tuesday, I met some really awesome people who work in all different departments of the company. I met everyone from motion graphic editors to the CEO. Crazy! The next day, I was assigned a research project which required me to find everything I could about a particular marketing company, their brands, and what outreach each brand had. After I found all of that, I had to find out if any of the brands had a web series and, if so, what about. This project took all day to do. I was staring at my computer screen for about seven hours finding everything I could. The next day the client already responded and was impressed with the thoroughness of the work. I’m so happy they were pleased!

Besides doing research, I have been helping the executive producer of the company prepare for a shoot for tomorrow. It’s about a minute commercial that we are shooting, but it will take all day. I have helped her gather equipment and necessities that we will be needing. I have been able to learn a lot about what the producer is required to bring to these particular types of shoots. It was also really helpful that I could apply previous knowledge I had about this from what I have already learned. It will be interesting to see how this shoot goes off tomorrow! My role in it is a Production Assistant. 

I’ve also been putting together a production book for a commercial for Dell that is coming up soon. How cool is that!? I have never put together a production book before, but it basically the bible of a shoot. It has everything you could possibly need to know about a particular project in case anything were to happen on the shoot. I have been learning so much and I am so excited to keep learning everything I can!

On a side note, this weekend I went horseback riding!!! The Scholl’s, the people that I am staying with, showed me how to saddle and ride a horse. Although I am still a beginner, it was still a lot of fun and they said I did really well! Here is a picture of me and Strait.Image

Here! Safe and sound.

 I have been in Austin about a day and a half and I already really enjoy it. The drive down wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be; I actually drove the majority of the time. It was so amazing how the terrain dramatically changed sometime. As soon as we crossed over into Texas the entire world was flat and there was just a never ending field. Truly breathtaking. We arrived to the house of where I’ll be staying about two and a half days after we set out. We were welcomed by homemade BBQ and some of the nicest people that I ever met. My dad and I then drove down to Arts + Labor (where I will be interning) to get a feel of the different roadways. Texan drivers are very different than PA drivers! But overall, I feel comfortable getting around. After the drive down here I feel like I can do anything.

The next day, Father’s Day, I drove my dad to the airport and made sure that he got his tickets. Although I was nervous on the drive down here, I feel really confident and comfortable with the arrangements and I am happy with the people that I am staying with. They have really made me feel welcomed.

After dropping my dad off, I just slept. All day. It was wonderful and much needed. Today, I am ready to go exploring in this new town and see what’s around and tomorrow I start my internship! Wish me luck! 🙂

Sunflower Fields Forever.MemphisFirst meal in TX. So Good!


T – 2 days!

Hello everyone!

I am headed down to Austin on Thursday morning with my dad and I couldn’t be more excited. I have been extremely blessed and fortunate to receive funding from Juniata’s Super Internship Scholarship to help me out on this adventure. Not only am I going on an incredible road trip, but I also have an internship in Austin with the production company Arts + Labor. They make some of the coolest stuff I have ever seen and I couldn’t be more happy to be working with them.

I hope you find this blog enlightening to my internship experience and my time in Texas. Although this is a very exciting time, I have never had the opportunity to travel to a new city on my own, so I am sure I’ll come across many new experiences which I’ll be able to tell you about right here. I will update this blog as regularly as  I can to make sure my friends, family, and fellow Juniataians can keep up with my travels.

Sorry to keep this first post short, but I have a ton of packing to do!

Talk to you soon!